Tau Codex Leak: A Comprehensive Guide To The Latest Warhammer 40k Update

The tau codex leak has sent shockwaves through the Warhammer 40k community, revealing a wealth of new information about the upcoming codex. This article will delve into the details of the leak, including statblocks, weapons and wargear, and other notable points. We will also cover the sale of Tau merchandise on Bonshop.com, making it easy for fans of the T’au Empire to get their hands on the latest and greatest products.

Tau Codex Leak: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Warhammer 40k Update
Tau Codex Leak: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Warhammer 40k Update

I. Statblocks

Core Units

The leak reveals that the T’au Empire’s core units are receiving some significant changes. Fire Warriors are now equipped with pulse rifles as standard, and their Shas’ui sergeants can now take a variety of special weapons, including plasma rifles and missile launchers. Crisis Suits are also getting a boost, with their base statline increasing to WS3+ BS3+ S4 T4 W3 A2 Ld8 Sv3+. They can also now take a wider range of weapons, including flamers, fusion blasters, and missile pods.

Unit WS BS S T W A Ld Sv
Fire Warrior 3+ 3+ 4 4 1 1 7 5+
Crisis Suit 3+ 3+ 4 4 3 2 8 3+


The T’au Empire’s characters are also getting some love in the new codex. Commander Farsight is now a Lord of War, and his statline has been significantly buffed. He now has a WS2+ BS2+ S5 T5 W6 A5 Ld10 Sv2+ Invulnerable Save. He can also take a variety of new wargear, including the Onager Gauntlet and the Star Sabre.

  • Commander Farsight
  • Shadowsun
  • Aun’va

II. Weapons and Wargear

Pulse Weapons

Pulse weapons are the bread and butter of the T’au Empire. They are accurate, reliable, and deadly. The most common pulse weapons are the pulse rifle and the pulse carbine. Pulse rifles are used by Fire Warriors, while pulse carbines are used by Pathfinders. Both weapons fire high-energy plasma bolts that can pierce through armor.

Weapon Range Strength AP Damage
Pulse Rifle 30″ 4 -1 1
Pulse Carbine 24″ 3 -1 1

Ion Weapons

Ion weapons are more powerful than pulse weapons, but they are also more expensive and rarer. Ion weapons fire bolts of pure energy that can vaporize flesh and metal alike. The most common ion weapons are the ion rifle and the ion cannon. Ion rifles are used by Crisis Suits, while ion cannons are mounted on vehicles.

Rail Weapons

Rail weapons are the most powerful weapons in the T’au arsenal. They fire hyper-velocity projectiles that can pierce through even the thickest armor. Rail weapons are used by Riptides and Stormsurges.

III. Other Notable Points

Leadership Changes

The leak also reveals some significant changes to the T’au Empire’s leadership structure. Commander Farsight, a popular character among T’au players, is now an Independent Character, meaning he can be taken in any T’au army without requiring a specific detachment.

In addition, the leak suggests that Shadowsun, another popular character, may be making a return to the T’au codex. While this has not been officially confirmed, it would be a welcome addition for many T’au players.

Character Changes
Commander Farsight Now an Independent Character
Shadowsun May be returning to the codex

New Units

The leak also reveals several new units that will be available to the T’au Empire in the new codex. These include the Stormsurge, a powerful battlesuit that can lay down a devastating amount of firepower, and the Riptide, a versatile battlesuit that can be equipped with a variety of weapons.

  • Stormsurge
  • Riptide

IV. Rumours of Shadowsun Entering the Fray

A Legendary Commander Returns

Shadowsun is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the Warhammer 40k universe. She is a skilled commander and a fierce warrior, and her return to the battlefield would be a major boon to the T’au Empire. There have been many rumours and speculation about Shadowsun’s possible return in the new codex, and fans are eagerly awaiting any official confirmation.

Name Rank Unit
Shadowsun Commander T’au Empire

A Powerful Force on the Battlefield

If Shadowsun does indeed return, she is likely to be a powerful force on the battlefield. She is a master of both ranged and melee combat, and she has access to a variety of powerful weapons and abilities. In addition, she is a skilled strategist and tactician, and she can inspire her troops to fight harder and achieve victory.

A Symbol of Hope for the T’au Empire

Shadowsun’s return would also be a major morale boost for the T’au Empire. She is a symbol of hope and inspiration, and her presence on the battlefield would give the T’au a renewed sense of confidence and determination.

V. T’au Empire Points Changes


  • Fire Warriors: 8 points per model (up from 7 points)
  • Breachers: 10 points per model (up from 9 points)
  • Strike Teams: 12 points per model (up from 11 points)


Battlesuit Old Points Cost New Points Cost
Crisis Battlesuit 40 points 45 points
Broadside Battlesuit 60 points 65 points
Riptide Battlesuit 120 points 125 points


The points costs for T’au Empire vehicles have generally increased by 5-10 points.

Other Changes

  • The cost of the T’au Sept Tenet “Kauyon” has increased from 1 Command Point to 2 Command Points.
  • The cost of the T’au Sept Tenet “Mont’ka” has increased from 1 Command Point to 2 Command Points.

VI. Conclusion

The T’au Codex leak has provided a wealth of information about the upcoming codex for Warhammer 40k. The new codex is set to bring a number of changes to the T’au Empire, including new statblocks, weapons and wargear, and other notable points. We will have to wait and see how these changes will affect the T’au Empire on the tabletop, but they are sure to shake up the meta.

Overall, the T’au Codex leak is a positive sign for the future of the T’au Empire. The new codex is set to bring a number of exciting changes to the faction, and it is sure to make them a more competitive force on the tabletop.

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